Natural Remedies for Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to have a bright smile with the perfect set of white teeth. But unfortunately, the majority suffers from the dental discoloration issue. Improper diet, unhealthy drinking habits and excessive amount of smoking tobacco are responsible for the teeth discoloration. Some face this issue because of any accidents as well. Often the blood stains remain in the teeth but later on that problem can be fixed by visiting a reliable North York dentist or anywhere else.

The internet nowadays is flooded with articles and blogs discussing home remedies to lightening teeth and eliminating the stains on them. But along with trying the homemade or natural remedies we cant deny the contribution of the best dentist in Vaughan that are mostly visited to fix similar issues besides other serious dental treatments and therapies such as root canal, dental implants, crowning, filling, tooth extraction, soft tissue therapy, maxillofacial treatments and more.

So, let’s find out some natural remedies for whitening the teeth—

Lemon salt therapy

Once in a while you can consider you can try this therapy. Mix some lime juice with some salt and use that solution with a toothbrush for brushing the teeth. Leave it for some time say around 2-3 minutes before washing off your mouth. You will see the power of citric acid and salt in whitening your teeth.

Use apple cider vinegar

Quite a useful natural antibiotic, apple cider vinegar is incredible in cleaning off the stains on the teeth. Usually, the stains of caffeine and nicotine are removed easily by this natural product. Besides removing the stains, the apple cider vinegar is excellent for removing the bad bacteria and fostering the probiotic bacteria which is good for the oral health. The acidic nature of the vinegar helps in reducing the plaque hiding in the deepest cores of the teeth and gums. The pH component in the apple cider vinegar helps in reducing and removing the most stubborn stains from the teeth and makes it whiter than before.

Change the toothpaste

You must be following the three steps of cleaning your teeth twice daily for preserving the oral health and to stay away from the gum diseases, tooth decay and oral cancer. It is also necessary for whitening your teeth. Sometimes you can chance the brand of the toothpaste and choose the one that claims to have excellent potentials for gifting you back the wonderful smile by whitening the teeth. You should also use excellent quality floss and mouthwash containing Listerine and chlorine oxide. Though the mouthwash has nothing to do with removing the plaque or securing the mouth or whitening the teeth, still you’ll enjoy the freshness inside the mouth mainly after having meals.

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