Great Places to Visit in Australia

If there’s one thing that you should know about Australia it’s that it is big. With several major cities and towns, the gap between them tends to be big and if you attempt to explore the whole of Australia in one go you’re likely to spend most of your time traveling.

Instead of trying to ‘do Australia’ in a limited time frame, you’d be better off picking one or two places to visit and explore. While there are several such destinations, the 5 that you should pick from initially are:

  • Sydney

As the capital of New South Wales, Sydney is often instantly recognizable by its iconic harbor and of course the Sydney Opera House. It is a modern city that is known for its nearby surf beaches and you can expect to find top notch restaurants and a bustling nightlife in its bars and clubs.

  • Great Barrier Reef

Often regarded a ‘must see’ destination in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s most diverse ecosystems encompassing a huge area of coral reefs. It is situated in the Coral Sea which is off the coast of Queensland, and there are a number of towns along the coast that you could stay and take trips out to the reef from.

  • Alice Springs

If you want to get a taste of the true Australian outback then Alice Springs will be the best place to go. It is a remote town that acts as a hub for trips into the outback and you can hike up to Ayers Rock, Kata Tjuta, or explore other parts of the outback. Staying in Alice Springs will give you a feel for the authentic pioneering Australian life, and a glimpse into its past.

  • Melbourne

Being the second most populated city in Australia, Melbourne is a modern and vibrant center that is often considered to be Australia’s cultural capital. If you enjoy a diverse and multicultural city life with restaurants, bars, clubs and tons of sports – Melbourne is definitely a good place to visit.

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